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Masamichi SHIGENO- music composer -  
* "Nikaido's Fall" directed by Ida Panahandeh
  World premiere at Nara International Film Festival. Sep 20, 2018
  Cast: Masaya Kato, Shizuka Ishibashi, Keita Machida, Yoji Tanaka, Kazuko Shirakawa
  Executive producer: Naomi Kawase
* Unit "Poetic Mica Drops" performed at UPJ6 on Sep 16, 2018.
Poem: Kotoriko Kusama / Music: Masamichi Shigeno / Performance: Mica Kumagai
3min Spoken Mix   
* facebook (jp)  
I never concerned myself with just composing good music.
Rather, I always concentrated on producing good films through my music.
I believe composing film music is very much like making film itself.
Making film with sounds and melodies.

Film music cannot exist without films.
I've collected film music pieces and made them into a CD here.
I would be glad if you could recall each scene with each piece of music.
I would be even happier if you felt like watching the film again.

I will keep on producing more films . . . and music.

March 17, 2001
Masamichi Shigeno

* Citation from the soundtrack CD "Acacia Walk" released in 2001